Squelch Package

Boots & Socks

If you order a pair of Squelch Boots and 3 socks of your choice that’s the Squelch Package.

A Squelch Package is £24.00 so you have a saving of £2.50


Squelch wellies arrive in a 100% cotton bag.

Sizes 22-25 arrive in a First Wellies cotton bag.

Squelch Welly Boots

Summer Socks

Introducing our Summer range of socks for 2021 by Odd Socks and Cucamelon

We have box sets suitable for new born babies up to young children.

Squelchy Tots Socks

Tots Socks 1-2 years


Squelchy Minis Socks

Minis Socks 3-6 years


Squelchy Sock Boxes

Three socks from our Tots or Minis range in a Squelchy Sock box only £10!


Three socks from our Adult range for £34

Squelchy Colouring Package

This product includes one pair of colouring sock, six semi-permanent washable fabric pens (purple, red, pink, green, yellow and orange).

It arrives in a small Squelch bag.

Squelch Wellies Colouring Sock

Squelchy Grown Up Socks

Introducing our Squelch Wellies grown up sock range.
Squelch Wellies Adult Socks

Squelchy Gift Cards

Squelch Wellies Gift Cards will be sent as a egift card to the email address provided at checkout.

If you would just like a gift voucher sent to you in the post, please add a comment at checkout, and we will send one out to you!

If you would like a gift voucher for a specific amount, please get in touch with us and we can create one for you!

Squelch Wellies Adult Socks

In store display stands

For Wholesale Only

We are a charitable brand!

A percentage of our net profits from online sales purchase eggs which go directly to those in need at the largest food bank in the UK the Newcastle West End food bank. These eggs provide a nutritious tasty meal and your purchase made this possible, thank you!

Create Your Own Style

Children who wear Squelch create their own style and adventure

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