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I am a mummy of 2, I have a 4 and a 5-year-old. My children love their wellies they wear them all the time but they get bored with the same pair all year around. They have several pairs. I decided I needed to work on a playful concept that gave my kids and others a different looking welly from the same welly and that’s when Squelch was born. I love kids, I love wellies, I love socks.

We are a quality brand

  • Our socks are cotton rich, thick and cosy. Proper welly boot/ski socks. Our boot is transparent with a great tread on the sole.

We are a fun brand

  • With a variety of funky bright socks, children have a great time choosing the socks and creating new welly boot looks for themselves. We have seasonal socks so kids can have Christmas and Halloween boots with other celebration socks being worked on currently. We intend to add to our collection quarterly.

We are an ethically manufacturing brand

  • We have a great relationship with our manufacturers, all of whom rate highly in human resource audits and I have established manufacturing lead times.
  • The welly boots are manufactured in China.
  • The socks are manufactured in India.
  • The bags are manufactured in the UK.

We are an environmentally conscious brand

  • Our boots arrive in a 100% cotton drawstring bag instead of the wasteful shoe box.
  • We encourage our customers to recycle after use, hand down, give to charity or use as planters.

We are a charitable brand

  • 10% of our net profits from online sales purchase eggs which go directly to those in need at the largest food bank in the UK the Newcastle West End food bank. These eggs provide a nutritious tasty meal and your purchase made this possible, thank you!

We have strong branding

  • We have hired a creative studio to create our visual identity and to ensure that we keep our messaging consistent.

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