When welly socks are so colourful and fun, why hide them inside ordinary wellington boots?

Our range of children’s welly socks are specially designed to go inside our transparent Squelch wellies so you can keep changing the look for all to see

The inspiration for our unique children’s wellington boot socks came when Amanda, our founder, moved from Greece to the North of England and her children needed two pairs of wellies – one for play, one for school. Later, when her son grew out of his boots. his little sister wasn’t interested in having them passed down. The design theme was too boyish.

But suppose the wellington boots were transparent? With just one pair for each child and a choice of different welly socks to wear inside them, you could then keep changing the look without changing the welly boot. With a choice of welly sock designs - subdued for school, funky for going out - each child would enjoy creating their own individual style. As many as they like. And keep on smiling in the wet. That’s how the unique Squelch Wellies concept was born.

The feel-good wellington boot socks

In looks and feel, in quality, in value, durability and versatility, there’s nothing to touch Squelch Wellies children’s welly socks. These cotton rich socks are thick and thermal for warmth, blended with polyamide for extra wear and with elastane for stretch to fit. Calf length, they peep just above the tops of the see-through PVC welly boots. They come in three ranges, each with multiple choices: Tots aged 1-2 years; Minis aged 3-6 and Juniors aged 6-8 years.

Wellington boot socks that rock

It’s the range and originality of the design that really sets our welly socks apart. Teaming Amanda’s creative flair with sock designer Jenny’s know-how they enable children to have a fun time creating new welly boot looks for themselves. They can go from Ballerina to Little Monster, or switch from Dinosaur to Shark, or celebrate Halloween or Christmas – whatever they fancy.

With over 40 funky and fanciful designs to mix and match, the show-off combinations are virtually unlimited. They’re so stunningly different from other socks, girls and boys will want to wear them out to play, go welly-free around the house or even wear them with non-welly footwear. Making them your children’s or grandchildren’s go-to choice when they open the sock drawer.

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